Collaboration: The Key to Success

Many cities, counties and other public agencies face times when staff resources are limited, but important planning efforts are critical. Frequently, complex and controversial projects demand more time than a planning department can devote. In such cases, Lamphier-Gregory provides local agencies with planning and project management support services. We coordinate and manage large, multi-disciplinary technical teams, employ creative problem solving skills, and listen with a keen ear for solutions. We also keep all parties involved, informed and headed toward a common end point. We bring expertise in:

  • plan review
  • environmental analysis
  • managing technical consultants
  • permit and land entitlement processing
  • coordination with regulatory agencies
  • public participation
  • making public presentations

Large projects frequently involve a high degree of controversy. Our approach is to represent the local agency’s interests and to keep the planning process on track and on schedule. We are particularly effective at building close working relationships with local agency staff and applying our expertise to augment in-house staff capabilities to expedite projects. 



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