Location: Oakland, California

Client: RAD Urban and the City of Oakland

Scope: Environmental Analysis


The project occupies an approximately 25,600 square foot site bounded by Franklin Street, Thomas Berkeley Way, Webster and 21stStreets in Oakland’s Central Business District. The 2044 Franklin Street development will remove the existing 2-story 9,000-square foot retail bank building and construct a29-story building and an adjacent low-rise element that includes a total of approximately 5,000 square feet of ground floor retail space, 58,000 square feet of conventional office space, 184 residential apartments and parking for 86 vehicles. The developer’s proprietary modular construction technologies will be used to save construction time and costs. 

CEQA Issues

Lamphier-Gregory’s environmental document provided substantial evidence to support  the use of a Categorical Exemption pursuant to Section 15332 of the CEQA Guidelines (Infill Development) and for the use of CEQA “streamlining” pursuant to Guidelines Sections 15183 (consistent with an adopted community plan) and 15183.3 (Infill Development). Technical analyses assessed impacts in the areas of air quality and greenhouse gas emissions, shadows, traffic, and wind. All impacts were found to be less than significant or reduced to that level through the mandatory application of the City’s Standard Conditions of Approval. 


The project received strong endorsement from members of the public, including several labor unions, and won the unanimous appoval from the Oakland Planning Commission in January 2018. No appeals or legal challenges were filed. 


Images courtesy of RAD Urban

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